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“Public process is YOUR instrument to shape your community.”

Angie Battazzo combines her 20+ years of professional experience with her passion and love of people and communities, to help her clients find solutions to complex challenges. In her work ranging from coaching leaders to realize their next level of potential, to representing private and government clients with wide range of partners and stakeholders, she is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals. Her professional technical experience spans the fields of natural resource management, environmental compliance and policy, transportation infrastructure development, and public and stakeholder relations. From project management to performance reporting, policy analysis to impact assessment, she has applied her native curiosity, education, and experience to solve tough problems.

Services customized to meet your needs

Design Your Results

Instant Bandwidth

Add Angie’s experience in government, policy, and project management to your team to move your objectives forward. Skilled in listening for the understanding gap, she can quickly assess where clarity is needed in a system, conversation, or process, and help craft creative solutions. For many of her clients, adding her to their team produced immediate results. Angie helps her clients effectively navigate public process and gain momentum.

Capacity Building

You’re the face of your organization. You’re in the arena taking on the challenge. Have a skilled, experience strategic advisor in your corner, helping you develop new ways of looking at the situation so you can achieve new results. By “looking at it” with you, Angie has proven ability to support you in expanding your own capacity to more effectively meet your organizational and leadership needs.


Angie believes personal development leads to professional success. Sought out by her clients to help solve challenges between stakeholders working in the public realm, the skills she employs can be learned, and the approach she takes can be taught. Work with Angie to clarify your professional goals, tune yourself as the instrument of leadership and change, and strengthen your ability to succeed with others.

"Well spoken and direct, her spirit of collaboration help us move forward
toward understanding, better trust, and tranparency."

Cary Clark, Chief Strategy Officer
Argosy Cruises

“I really appreciate Angie's focus on listening to people and hearing their concerns, her expertise and ability to distill tough concepts so that others can grasp the essential knowledge they need to participate. She has given us superb help in our work.”

Kathleen Barry Johnson, Executive Director
Historic South Downtown (Seattle)