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Angie Battazzo combines her 20+ years of professional experience with her love of people and problem solving to find solutions to tough problems. An experienced project manager, she grew up in government and understands how process works. She believes there’s always a way forward in any challenge, and she will help you find it.

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Project Management

Add Angie’s experience in government and project management to your team to move your goals forward. Whether you need a representative to keep an eye on a project, or someone to get something built, Angie can help you get it done.

Support and Representation

”We call her in to help fix things.”– A client.

There’s a lot going on in our world, and there’s too much to keep up with. If you need someone to help take a look at your issues, assess your options, and strategize how to address your needs, call Angie. Quick on the uptake, if you need to just hand her an issue and have her go solve it, she can do that for you, too.

"Well spoken and direct, her spirit of collaboration help us move forward
toward understanding, better trust, and tranparency."

Cary Clark, Chief Strategy Officer
Argosy Cruises

“I really appreciate Angie's focus on listening to people and hearing their concerns, her expertise and ability to distill tough concepts so that others can grasp the essential knowledge they need to participate. She has given us superb help in our work.”

Kathleen Barry Johnson, Executive Director
Historic South Downtown (Seattle)

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