Sound Transit West Seattle and Ballard Link Extension Project—CID Segment

Disclaimer: The visualizations shown on this map dashboard were created using information from Sound Transit’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions Project. The project alignments and stations shown on these maps are approximated based on descriptions, plans, and visuals provided in the Draft EIS. Descriptions of impacts are derived, where possible and cited, directly from the Draft EIS. Descriptions about impacts to specific properties were interpreted from the maps, plan sheets, and information found throughout the Draft EIS. Misinterpretations of the information are possible. We make no claim to the accuracy of the information presented by Sound Transit, or our interpretations of the information. The purpose of this tool is to provide an overview of how the permanent project footprint relates to property impacts in the CID segment of the project, and to summarize those impacts in one place. The tool also provides a high level look at construction roadway impacts related to tunnel and station construction in the CID segment (derived from information in the Draft EIS Transportation Technical Report). The creators of this map do not intend to keep it updated as information changes. It is only intended to visualize information presented in the Draft EIS, formally published in the Federal Register January 2022. View and use at your own risk and discretion.

Construction Roadway Impact data derived from descriptions provided in Table 4-53 of the Transportation Technical Report, associated descriptions accompanying the table, and from Tables N.1E-24, 25, 26, and 27 of Appendix N.1 of the Transportation Technical Report. Where there are inconsistencies between the data contained in the tables for a roadway or intersection, we illustrated the impact with the longest duration.

Parcel data was derived from Appendix L4.1 Acquisitions, and also from Appendix N.3 Noise and Vibration Technical Report.

Sound Transit Data Notes: The physical limits of street closures, as well as durations, are approximate and subject to change based on final design and construction planning. Roadways listed typically include designated arterials with closures of 1 year or longer for at least one alternative. For the complete list, see Attachment N.1E, Construction-Related Roadway Modifications.

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